Second Hand Books in Melbourne

Everything You Need To Know About Buying & Selling Your Second Hand Books in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

20th August, 2019  | 5 minute read


Most parents who shop for their student’s high school supplies are aware that textbooks can hit hard on the hip-pocket, especially when purchasing brand new.

To help make buying school supplies more cost-effective for parents and students, Lilydale Books offers a combined service of buying and selling second hand school textbooks and novels. When you reach the end of the school year and are unsure about what to do with your textbooks, consider giving them a second life and bring them to Lilydale Books to sell on consignment. Lilydale Books can also fulfil your Back to School booklist with second hand books (new books and stationery too!).

If you’re wondering how this process works, keep reading to learn more.


Buying Second Hand Textbooks

Second hand books are 33% cheaper than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) at Lilydale Books. The following options are available to customers who have a Booklist. Customers who have an alternative supplier (such as Campion) can still purchase second hand books. Just inform the sales assistant you would like your booklist fulfilled with second hand books where available or note it on your booklist.


1. Back to School Booklist

On the front of your booklist, you have the option to tick the box to request second hand books. We will attempt to fill your booklist with as many second hand books as possible. Where second hand books are not available, new books will be provided.
Note: This option is only available with Store Collection orders only.

2. Visit Our Store

You can visit our store to purchase second hand books. Due to the demand for second hand books, availability will vary and is not guaranteed.

3. Call For Availability

We recommend calling us in advance to see if a book is in stock. We can reserve items for 5 business days without prepayment. We do not generally post second hand books to customers.


Selling Second Hand Textbooks

Lilydale Books is strongly committed to recycling (our sustainability policy can be viewed here.)

We encourage our customers to give their books a second life by bringing them to us to sell on consignment. Only current editions, secondary school textbooks, novels and scientific calculators (TI-Nspire CX Cas & Casio Classpads only) are accepted on consignment. If you are not sure, our friendly staff can assess what is still current.

To view the Terms and Conditions for selling second hand books for the 2019/2020 period, click here.


Accessing eBooks in Second Hand Books

If you have purchased a second hand textbook, you may be wondering if you can access the eBook that comes inside the book.

Some eBooks last for the lifetime of the book whilst other eBooks cannot be used again once they’ve been accessed before. In this case, a ‘Reactivation eBook’ will come in handy. This will give you access to the eBook again at a reduced price. You can read more about Reactivation eBooks here.

Reactivation eBooks can be purchased through Lilydale Books. To purchase a suitable reactivation eBook click here. To check whether the eBook has been activated and for the most up-to-date information regarding eBook requirements, we recommend contacting the publisher directly.


Old Editions

It is very convenient when a textbook can be passed down to a student who is close in age to their older sibling. However, textbooks can become old editions and obsolete when a publisher releases a new and updated edition of that book.

Publisher’s may update editions to include new information to keep up with our ever evolving society. For example, information on areas such as climate change, health, laws and regulations and technology is evolving so quickly. Think about how many Prime Ministers Australia alone has had in the last 10 years? Subjects that can typically be affected by these topics may include Geography, Health and Human Development, Accounting, Legal Studies and Economics.

New case studies are added which reflect current situations and provide the freshest information available. In a day and age where society is changing quickly, textbooks are updated to reflect these rapid changes.

If there has been a change in the curriculum, this is also reflected in new editions. This occurs when there is a change in the government.


So how do I know if my textbook has become obsolete? What can I do with it?

Unfortunately, Lilydale Books does not accept textbooks on consignment which have become obsolete, due to most schools choose to booklist the most up-to-date versions. This does not mean your textbooks need to end up in landfill.

If you are unsure if your textbooks are old editions, bring them into the store and one of our friendly sales assistants can assess the books for you.

Textbooks that have become obsolete can be donated to charities willing to accept them. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation or The Brotherhood of St Laurence are charities that may accept old editions to assist disadvantaged children in Australia. Please contact these organisations directly to enquire about donations.

Lilydale Books is always looking for charities to support with donations. If you run or know of a charity that would be willing to accept donations of old edition textbooks please contact us on (03) 9739 6186.

If you choose to dispose of your old editions, please ensure you are recycling accordingly.


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