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Educational Ebooks is our custom built platform that allows students and teachers to access their digital content in one place. With online and offline capability, take your eBooks wherever you go.

Educational Ebooks is a free platform. 


Educational Ebooks is our platform for your digital content - a portal for students and teachers to access and store eBooks in the one place.
Educational Ebooks is a free platform. 

Accessing your eBooks 

An Educational Ebooks account has been set up for all students to access their digital content. Login details are sent to your school email address (or given to you by your school) before the start of Term 1. 

To access your eBooks:

  1. Go to Educational Ebooks 
  2. Login with your school credentials. We recommend signing in with SAML - Google or Microsoft (if available to your school). 
  3. All eBooks that have been purchased will be accessible in your account before school resumes.

If your school hasn’t provided your login details, get in contact with us via our Support Page.

For ease of access, we have set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for students. That way, from day 1 you’re ready to go.


Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO) allows students to login to their Educational Ebooks account and access eBook content, without being redirected to multiple portals to create multiple accounts and passwords. 

SSO has been activated for you. However, if you ever need to reactivate SSO, you can re-link your publisher account in My Account. More information available here.

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Accessing eBooks in Textbooks 

If you have a physical textbook which includes an eBook, follow the instructions inside the front cover to access the eBook. Activation codes found inside textbooks are not accessible through Educational Ebooks. 


Accessing eBooks from a Second Hand Textbook

If you have a second hand textbook, you can check whether the eBook is still accessible by visiting the publisher’s website below. A Reactivation eBook can be purchased through your school’s booklist to reactivate an eBook code from a second hand book (if available). 

Reactivation eBooks are accessed via Educational Ebooks. Remember to keep your second hand textbook when accessing for the first time as you will need the original code.


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To receive the most up-to-date information, Lilydale Books recommends contacting the publisher directly if you are unsure whether the eBook of your textbook has been activated.


Accessing an eBook purchased through our Catalogue

If your booklist is with another provider and you have purchased an eBook only product through our catalogue, you will be emailed instructions on how to access the eBook. You should receive this email within 1 to 2 business day of placing your order. This email will have instructions on how to access your eBook.

Ebooks purchased through the catalogue are not accessible through Educational Ebooks.


Need More Information

We're here to help!

If you are a school, get in contact with your Lilydale Books Support Team or send us an email so we can answer your enquiry.

If you are a parent or student and need assistance with eBook access or require further information please call us 03 9739 6186, alternativley contact us directly via our Support Page.

Additional information on eBooks and all eBook related inquiries is available in our eBook FAQs.