Second Hand Books

Buying Second Hand Books

At Lilydale Books we encourage parents and students to purchase second hand school books. Lilydale Books has offered this service since the business was first established in 1986. Over the summer period we accept approximately 20,000 second hand text books and novels, therefore the selection is wide ranging.

Second hand books are 33% cheaper than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Below outlines the different opportunities to buy or sell second hand books.

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Shop In Store Options

There are a couple of ways you can shop for second hand books. These options are available to customers who have a Lilydale Books’ booklist and to customers who have an alternate supplier (such as Campion Education).

1. Back to School Booklist

On the front of your booklist, you have the option to tick the box to request second hand books. We will attempt to fill your booklist with as many second hand books as possible. Where second hand books are not available, new books will be provided.

*NB: This option is only available with Store Collection orders only.

2. Visit Our Store

You can visit our store to purchase second hand books. Due to the demand for second hand books, availability will vary and is not guaranteed.

3. Call for Availability

We recommend calling us in advance to see if a book is in stock. We can reserve items for 5 business days without prepayment. We do not post second hand books to customer unless purchased through our online store (more details below).

Shop Online

A website dedicated to a selection of our second hand books will be coming soon!

Selling Second Hand Books

Lilydale Books is strongly committed to recycling. We encourage our customers to give their books a second life by bringing them to us to sell on consignment. Only current editions, secondary school textbooks, novels and scientific calculators (TI-Nspire CX Cas & Casio Classpads) are accepted on consignment. If you are not sure, our friendly staff can assess what is still current for you.

Terms and Conditions (2020/2021) - Please note due to the ongoing concern of COVID-19 these Terms may change.

• Lilydale Books will commence accepting second hand books from Monday 23 November 2020.
Monday 4 January 2021 will be the last day books are accepted (until the following Summer).
• Current edition secondary school textbooks, novels, and scientific calculators (TI-Nspire CX Cas & Casio Classpads) are accepted. We do not accept workbooks.
• Second hand books are taken on consignment. Customers will receive 1/3 of the Recommended Retail Price of the book. Calculators are subject to a higher commission.
• Customers can check their consignments and collect any money from Monday 8 February 2021. Consignments will not be checked over December, January and the start of February as this is our busiest time of year.
• Unsold books are returned to the customer upon checking their consignment.
• Customers have 18 months from the date their second hand books can be checked to make a claim.
• If your books remain uncollected for 2 years and have become obsolete, they will be donated to School Book Rescue (or other partnering organisation such as Brotherhood of St Laurence).
• It is the responsibility of the customer to retain their consignment receipt and follow up on it’s progress in store. Lilydale Books does not call any customers regarding the status of their consignment.
Second hand books will NOT be checked over the phone. This is due to security and the manual nature of checking for unsold books. Customers MUST present their consignment receipt in person at Lilydale Books. Please consider this term carefully when leaving your second hand books.
• Consignments with a total commission $100 and over will be paid via EFTPOS/Credit Card
• If you have lost your receipt, you must present a form of ID (such as driver’s license or Medicare card etc.) that matches the details collected at the time books were left. This is due to security, we want to ensure any money is being returned to the rightful person.
• Customers must agree to the above Terms and Conditions when submitting their second hand books.

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A website dedicated to a selection of our second hand books will be coming soon!