Second Hand Books


Second hand books are 33% cheaper than the RRP.

Please note that Lilydale Books can not guarantee that the eBook component of a textbook (where applicable) will be accessible when purchasing second hand. More information regarding eBooks in second hand books is available here.

If you would like to purchase second hand books you have the following options:

Shop Collection

Drop your booklist in store and select a collection date. On request we will attempt to fill your booklist with as many second hand books as possible. New books will be provided where second hand books are not available. We can also fill your stationery list at the same time.

Shop In Store

Second hand books can be purchased instore. Availability will vary.

Check Over the Phone 

Availability of second and books can be checked over the phone. If we have items in stock they can be held for 5 business days. They do not require prepayment.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not post second hand books under any circumstances. If you are interested in purchasing second hand books you will need to come instore. Whilst we do our best to provide second hand books on request, we cannot guarantee availability.



We believe we should have a minimal impact on the environment and to that end we are strongly committed to recycling.

We specialise in buying and selling second hand school textbooks. To expand our range of second hand stock we take books on consignment and pay cash at the end of the book selling season.

We accept approximately 20,000 books during the book selling season: November, December and January.

Please read through our terms and conditions below.


TERMS & CONDITIONS (for 2018/2019)

  • Lilydale Books will commence accepting second hand books on Monday November 12, 2018.
  • Monday January 7, 2019 will be the last day books are accepted (until the following year).
  • Second hand books are taken on consignment. Customers will receive 1/3 of the recommended retail price of the book. Unsold books will be returned.
  • Customers can only collect money for their second hand books from Monday February 11, 2019.
  • From the date second hand books have been accepted customers have 18 months to claim. No claims will be recognised after this period.
  • Second hand books will NOT be checked over the phone. Customers must present their second hand book receipt in person at Lilydale Books. If you have lost your second hand book receipt you will be required to present a photo ID that matches details collected. If you are unable to present a matching photo ID we will be unable to check your second hand books.
  • It is your responsibility to retain your second hand book docket and to follow up on its progress. 
  • Customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions when submitting their second hand books.
  • On request arrangements can be made for a cheque to be sent to the customer. This must be made after Monday February 11, 2019. This will incur a fee of $5 (processing & registered post costs).
  • Please note that we cannot check if your books have sold over the phone. You must bring your receipt in store to collect money. Any books that have not sold will be returned to you.

If your books remain uncollected for 2 years and have become obsolete they will be donated or recycled.


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