Cambridge Checkpoints 2020

NEW Cambridge Checkpoints for VCE 2020 Coming Soon!

30th August, 2019  |  2 minute read


Give yourself a head start going into the new school year, equipped with one of the most popular study resources on the market.

NEW Cambridge VCE Checkpoints for the 2020 school year will be published in December this year.

The new editions for Units 3&4 subjects include:

 Accounting
 Biology
 Business Management
 Chemistry
 English – Analysing and Presenting Argument
 Food Studies
 French
 Further Mathematics
 Health & Human Development
 Legal Studies
 Mathematical Methods
 Media
 Physical Education
 Physics
 Psychology
 Specialist Mathematics


What can you expect?

Cambridge Checkpoints are updated regularly to reflect the most recent changes to the VCE study designs and provide the most up-to-date exam preparation available. It is a perfect revision tool to use all year round, not just in the lead to up SACs and exams.


How do I use Cambridge Checkpoints?

Cambridge Checkpoints are filled with multiple choice and short answer questions to test your knowledge on key topics/modules. This reflects the nature and format of exams so makes for perfect practice.

You will also have access to QuizMeMore, an online revision tool that has been designed as a companion to the Checkpoints study guide. Use QuizMeMore to access a range of additional self-marking questions, and because it’s portable you have the flexibility to revise where ever you go on your laptop or tablet device!


I want a head start! Where can I buy Cambridge Checkpoints?

You can browse the upcoming range of Cambridge Checkpoints for VCE 2020 here. If you are from New South Wales, that’s ok – we’ve also got you covered. Cambridge Checkpoints for NSW are also listed on our catalogue to help you prepare for those HSC exams.

Pre-order your copy here, or if you are a teacher consider booklisiting for your school to give your students the best advantage to study for their SACs and exams.


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