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28th June, 2019  |  3 minute read


The HTAV Study & Exam Guides are designed for students undertaking VCE History to assist with the revision of the key knowledge in their chosen History subject. The titles in the HTAV Study & Exam Guide Series focus on the American Revolution, Chinese Revolution, French Revolution, Russian Revolution and Australian History.

The Study & Exam Guides for Revolutions are written by experienced VCE teachers and provide comprehensive study material to revise the following study areas:

Area of study 1: Causes of Revolution
Area of Study 2: Consequences of Revolution

Other features that you will find useful in these guides include

• Revision checklists
• Detailed revision notes
• Overview of SACs
• Overview of the exam
• Examples of strong exam responses
• General guidance for assessment
• Full sample exam and guide to responses
• Online key knowledge quizzes

Are you familiar with key individuals in the French Revolution such as Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI? Can you recall the timeline of events that contributed to the cause of the Russian Revolution? Can you summarise the contribution of each key movement to the American Revolution?

Approach your SACs and exams feeling more confident in your ability to recall important information with the help of HTAV’s Study and Exam Guides. You can tick off your checklist as you revise each key area of study in these books.


Are you studying Australian History?

HTAV have also created a Study & Exam Guide for Senior History Series for Australian History as well. Similarly, to the guides for Revolutions, in this Study & Exam Guide you will find detailed revision notes, examples of strong exam responses and revision checklists and more!

Covering the key areas of study for:

Unit 3 – Transformations: Colonial Society to Nation
Unit 4 – Transformations: Old Certainties and New Visions


Did you know?

These Study and Exam Guides are perfect to accompany the material in the corresponding textbook which is part of the HTAV Senior History Series. These include Forging America, China Rising, Liberating France, Reinventing Russia.


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