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Improving on Mid-Year SAC results

24th June, 2019  |  5 minute read


Mid-year SACs are over, but your interest and determination to do well doesn’t have to be. You may have found your SACs challenging this time (or you may have aced them!). Regardless of the outcome, there are ways of improving and resources are available that can help you better prepare for next time.


Let’s look at Psychology…

It is debatable that Psychology has the most content to learn out of any other subject in VCE. It is one thing to know the content, but the ability to apply this content to your tests and make connections to real life experiences is equally as important. 

The ATAR Notes Psychology Complete Course Notes is the perfect accompaniment to assist you revise the content in the current study design. Did you find it difficult to remember how the Nervous System functions? Or how people learn and remember? 

ATAR Notes have compiled a list easy tips that will help you study for your future test. Together with your ATAR Notes Psychology Complete Course Notes, you can approach your next SAC or exam with confidence. 

We have picked our top 5 and summarised below:

1. Teaching others

When your put in the position to teach others content, you are forced to recall as much information as you know and sometimes you may need to reword things a few times so the other person understands. This is excellent practice as you are engraining the information in your brain each time you say the content out loud and filling in gaps along the way. Plus, if your friend is finding the same topic challenging, they also benefit from listening to your explanations – it’s a win/win!

2. Posters

This method of studying is perfect for visual learners. Think diagrams, flow charts, graphs. The beauty of this is it’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Sometimes it far more interesting to study from something aesthetically appealing over a textbook. This allows you to break out of your routine studying at your desk staring at your book or screen. Plus, posters can be placed anywhere around the house, from the mirror to the back of the toilet door!

3. Make study notes

When you’re making study notes, you are essentially taking paragraphs of information and summarising them into smaller, manageable pieces of writing. This is very handy practice for when you get to your SAC or exam and you are asked to answer a question within a limited number of words. Notes can be as simple or as attractive as you like. Use colour to help distinguish between different topics, give them a laminated finish or bind them into your very own book. 

4. Past papers

Some people find it beneficial recreating exam conditions either at home or during study periods. Practicing answering past exam papers will help you gauge which topics you have mastered and topics where you need further assistance. ATAR Notes have a large range of Topic Test books which are perfect for practicing in exam-style situations. Each Topic Test book also provides solutions that offer detailed explanations that address any misunderstandings or mistakes.

5. YouTube 

This goes back to those students who are visual (and auditory) learners. We are now in a day and age where we can find any information we require literally at our finger tips. If you feel you cannot look at another text book any longer, YouTube is great for finding informative videos on certain topics explained from someone else’s perspective. Provided you are searching for the correct material, watching and listening to videos is an excellent way to study.


What about another subject, like English?

One of the most common submissions found on the ATAR Notes forums for preparing for English Exams is “I’m terrible at writing”. The first point that must be stressed here is that everybody starts off “terrible” at the beginning. Nobody starts off as being the best, especially when it comes to great writing. That’s the reality. 

There are many different styles of writing. These include: Reading and Responding to Texts, Reading and Comparing Texts, Analysing Arguments and Presenting Arguments. You might have a very strong writing style in one area and need more assistance in another, or you may have no idea where to start given any writing style. 

The ATAR Notes Complete Course Notes for English Units 1-4 has been described by a student as:

 “A student’s dream! Written by someone who has actually taken the subject, it gave me everything I needed to know to top my class!”

- Serena Gao, 99.75 ATAR

To put it simply, this resource needs to be your go-to when it comes to practicing your writing styles. It guides students through the entire VCE English course. In each chapter you will find detailed advice and relevant samples that are easy to read and learn. The countless tips featured in this book are guaranteed to boost your performance and enhance your confidence in your writing.


In conclusion…

If your result wasn’t what you were expecting it to be, don’t discourage yourself. Value your efforts and feel at ease knowing you can approach your next major exam equipped with one of the top study resources on the market. If you scored quite high on your SACs, congratulations! We encourage you to continue expanding your knowledge by studying with the support of ATAR Notes. 


Looking for help with other subjects?

ATAR Notes can be purchased for most VCE subjects and they all contain the same features and up-to-date information that will help you on your way to your exams. 

Subjects include: 

Accounting Units 3&4

Biology Units 1&2 and 3&4

Business Management Units 3&4

Chemistry Units 1&2 and 3&4

EAL Units 1-4

English Language Units 3&4

English Units 1-4

Further Maths Units 3&4

Health and Human Development Units 3&4 - NEW, JUST RELEASED! Topic Tests for Units 3&4 

History: Revolutions Units 3&4

Legal Studies Units 3&4

Literature Units 3&4

LOTE Studies Units 1-4

Maths Methods Units 1&2 and 3&4

Music Performance Units 3&4

Physical Education Units 3&4

Physics Units 3&4

Psychology Units 1&2 and 3&4

Specialist Maths Units 3&4


One step ahead?

Other titles by ATAR Notes include the UCAT Guide & Getting into Medicine, VCE Survival Guide and University Survival Guide

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