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I have a school booklist – Where can I buy my books? Help!

1st August, 2019  |  3 minute read


We are officially in August and whilst students are settling into Semester Two, stores like Lilydale Books are busy starting the preparations for the new Back to School season. This means the organisation and arrangement of the school booklist for 2020, yes, the silly season is just around the corner!

Soon you will be receiving your booklists to peruse and gasp at how much is required (and shipping is how much?!). But rest assured, fulfilling your students’ school booklists does not have to be a daunting and overly expensive ordeal!

If your students attend a school such as Yarra Valley Grammar, Aquinas College, Norwood Secondary College, Ringwood Secondary College etc. another company (such as Campion) may be suppling your school booklist. But did you know Lilydale Books can fulfil any school booklist in Victoria? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the cost of your booklist or simply looking to explore your options, look no further because Lilydale Books is here to help.


Can I buy my school booklist through Lilydale Books?

In short, YES! You can absolutely purchase your textbooks, novels and stationery through Lilydale Books and take advantage of our great cost effective options.

Did you know you can request to have your booklist filled with second hand textbooks and novels? Where available, we will endeavour to provide as many second hand books as possible, saving you 33% off the Recommended Retail Price! (This is only available for in store purchases only, not through our website).

If you have purchased a second hand book and notice the eBook component has been access by the previous owner – you can still obtain interactive access (depending on the publisher). Some publishers allow Reactivation Codes to be purchased at a reduced cost through Lilydale Books. To view which reactivation codes are available to purchase, click here.

The best part? At Lilydale Books, we take the hassle right out of Back to School shopping for you. There is no wandering around aisles confused by the product codes, finding the right editions and picking the books yourself. At Lilydale Books, the knowledgeable and efficient staff pick and pack the whole booklist in store for you.

Here are a few options if you wish to buy your school supplies through Lilydale Books:

Visit Us - in store with your booklist and have your order collected by one of our friendly sales assistants.
Lodge your booklist - in store where it will be picked, packed and ready for collection on a later date nominated by you.
Order Online - Save time in the queue by shopping for your required items via our online catalogue.
    o Select ‘Home Delivery’ and take advantage of our very economical shipping prices
    o Select ‘Click & Collect’ to pick up your items from the store. You will be notified when your order is ready.
Email – through a copy of your booklist, ensuring required items are clearly highlighted or ticked. Please ensure you indicate what date you would like to collect your order.

Your student may prefer studying or reading their material electronically. Lilydale Books stocks a large range of eBooks that can be accessed via our very own digital platform, Educational Ebooks. Your school may have listed eBooks on the booklist as an option if they use electronic devices in class. Ask us about what electronic options are available.

As well as textbooks and novels, Lilydale Books stocks an extensive range of stationery at very competitive prices. We stock a variety of brands, such as Faber Castel, Micador and Derwent. We also stock Abacus and Casio calculators as well as TI-npire CAS calculators for VCE.

You are sure to find what you are looking for at Lilydale Books. If you are unsure, give us a call and we will endeavour to source what you need.


Is Lilydale Books Near Me?

Lilydale Books is located near the stunning Yarra Valley, in Lilydale, Victoria. Our retail store is open to the public throughout the year.

You will find us at:

Lilydale Books
Unit 1/25-27 Hightech Place
Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
(03) 9739 6186

We are down the road from the Lilydale General café where you can grab a great coffee on your way. We may not be around the corner from you, but you can still browse our products and place your order online through our catalogue at any time!


Shop with us!

If you are looking for a reliable and competitive supplier, one that offers a reliable and economical service for parents, teachers and students, look no further than Lilydale Books. We look forward to seeing you in store or pop up on our online orders!


Partner with us!

Are you a school looking for a new educational supplier? Or a parent looking to change suppliers? We would love to have a chat with your school. Please call us on (03) 9739 6186 or send us an email at


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