Early Commencement Booklist

Have you received an Early Commencement Booklist?

30th October, 2019  |  1 minute read


As the end of 2019 approaches, so too do your 2020 school booklists. In fact, if your student is going into year 10, 11 or 12 next year, you may have already received an Early Commencement booklist from your school.

Early Commencement, also known as Early Start, Flying Start, Jump Start or Early English lists can include anything from your prescribed English texts to your full subject booklist.

Lilydale Books has got all the requirements you need for these lists (and the rest of your Back to School needs to!)

We offer an easy solution to find exactly what you’re after with a range of collection methods to suit everyone’s needs.

Shop instore with your list or click on the link below to view Early Commencement Program items for VCE on our catalogue.

Click here to browse the Early Commencement Catalogue.


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